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Hotels in Cornwall

Cornwall forms part of the South Western peninsula which protrudes from the UK. The picturesque region is well known for its sometimes wild moorland landscape, its extensive dramatic coastline, and its climate which is pleasantly mild when compared to the rest of the United Kingdom.

Traditionally an area full of tin mining communities, the Cornwall of modern times depends heavily on tourism. Luckily the tourist industry in Cornwall is extremely healthy - constituting almost a quarter of the region's economy in fact.

The distinctive Cornish culture, breathtaking scenery and the aforementioned climate help to make it a popular tourist destination, for visitors both foreign and domestic. The distance from many of England's main popualtion centres has given Cornwall an air of escapism and is often visited by people wishing to take a break from the rush of everyday life. Cornwall has many miles of amazingly beatiful beaches and cliffs as well as attractions such as country gardens, historic sites (including prehistoric) and wooded valleys and parks. No wonder that over 5 million tourists visit Cornwall annually, served chiefly by airports at Plymouth and Newquay.

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