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Blackpool Tower and Central Pier
Blackpool Tower and Pier © Malc Mcdonald : Licence

Around 6 million people visit the sea-side resort town of Blackpool each year, making it Britain’s most popular holiday resort. Blackpool’s heyday was in the first half of the twentieth century, as the working class of Britain began to accumulate disposable income and flocked to the seaside resort. Now somewhat eclipsed by the ease of package holidays in the Mediterranean, Blackpool is perhaps best known for party weekends such as stag and hen nights. However many visitors come to re-visit the early heyday of the town, in nostalgic venues such as the Tower Ballroom which remains a mecca for ballroom dancing aficionados.

One of the pleasures of visiting Blackpool is the Blackpool Tramway, which still runs antique electric trams on its original 1885 tram system. The top attraction in Blackpool however is Blackpool Tower, a Victorian tower similar to the Eiffel Tower and with an impressive view. After entering the tower, you can climb up through seven levels of attractions, which include a circus, an aquarium and a ballroom. It can get very busy at peak times.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Blackpool Pleasure Beach © Mari Buckley : Licence

Blackpool is the only UK resort that has three piers. Each distinctly different, the south pier is bustling and loud, the central pier is family-oriented and the north pier is notably quieter with a 50p entrance fee.

Most people visit Blackpool to go to Pleasure Beach Blackpool, which is probably Britain’s largest funfair. Many of the original roller-coasters are still running (including the original Roller Coaster which gave the rides their name in the first place), but there are also a sizeable number of modern roller coasters. The Big One is over 200 feet high and is Britain’s tallest roller-coaster. Aside from these modern influences you will also find some excellent architecture in Art Deco permanent buildings that have been around since the 1930s.

Donkeys on Blackpool Beach
Blackpool Beach Donkeys © Mr Jack : Licence

The Grand Theatre is a great spot to catch a bit of culture; the 1100-seat theatre was designed in 1894. There are also shows on each of the piers, the Pleasure Beach and Blackpool Tower. The staple diet of a visitor to Blackpool should be Fish and Chips, and you will be hard pressed to find a street that doesn’t carry at least one fish and chip shop.

The nightlife of Blackpool is quite varied, from old-school charms to modern nightclubs. There is the famous Funny Girls transvestite show and the Duple Club, which has its traditional Blackpool Bingo and nightly entertainment. Blackpool is also home to Syndicate – the largest nightclub in Britain with a revolving dance floor. You will find the busiest areas of the town centre are at Talbot Square and Queen Street, which can both get quite rowdy at the weekends.

You should find your stay at a hotel or guesthouse in Blackpool will be cheap – Blackpool has a long history of offering budget accommodation and the large number of tourist beds fosters competition, keeps the prices low and the quality high.
Don’t forget to round off your weekend break in Blackpool by buying a stick of Blackpool rock on Blackpool’s Golden Mile.

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